Thursday, December 31, 2009


You say good bye 2009, I say hello 2010.

It's been a year filled with new beginnings, and all came to a close right before the new year and I'm glad. A fresh new start to a fresh new year, that's the way I like it. I always give myself a little extra time to set my resolutions because my birthday is the fifth of January.(just like my Auntie Rosie) I like to start fresh on my birthday as if it were the new year, because for me it is. A new year of age and knowledge, awareness and direction. 2009, a year of starting out and trying. We started staying with Jon's grandma Vena, to help her out. We moved from Grass Valley to Yuba City. We got Nugget the Chicken, our latest family member. Went to Price is Right with Vena in LA. We became obsessed with Wii band, singing games and attempting to keep the grass green. We are excellent at Wii, not so excellent at grass greening! Lets see what else, oh yes this blog, the shop and facebook are all new this 2009.
SEW, for 2010 what's the plan, first up vacation for my birthday. I'm going to travel to Huntington Beach to visit my family. I can't wait. After the relaxation period I'm going to get to work on the shop. New items and posts and pictures are coming. My goal, to save money. I would love to be able to visit my family that is not in California and see the world. Vena has always wanted to see Hawaii, and being 82 years old I feel I should help her get there, plus I've never seen it either so it must be done. Hawaiian cruise here we come soon! Organize this place, I'm currently in the mist of combining Vena, Jon and Me into one house. Each of us has a large quanity of items and keeping it all in one house is hard work. Vena has 82 years of memories in the form of dust, papers,books, pictures, and clothing that fill this house to maximum capacity. While Jon has a large amount of music items, guitars, amps, cable, foot peddles etc. that currently take half the living room and half the guest room. My problem clothing, fabric and wall hangings. How does one combine three peoples lives in to one house and still make it functional. The answer, I don't know. YET! but I will, and when I figure out how to have a music room, craft room, memory room, and rooms for us to sleep and live, I'll fill you in. Until then however, I'm focusing in on the vacation. We no longer have our cottage in Grass Valley. Which is sad and happy at the same time. I'll miss the place, but not the people. Seven years a long time to be in one little house. Memories fill each tiny room of that place, some precious and long lasting; others tumultuous and not worth the effort to recall. Yet, all worthy of one last recollection for old time sake.
It's a new year, a new place and a new time. I am ready to begin this newness and start fresh with life's bounty. Here we come 2010 smiling and with shiny aspirations for you and your many days we will soon fill with productive choices and memories we will cherish forever.

cheers to you all

Happy New Year

I hope this reaches you on a sunny day, filled with laughter and love.

have fun !

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the season

Its the snow filled season

I took this photo last week at the house we just moved out of. I'm going to miss the beauty of the creek in the back yard, the giant blue bird that stopped by twice a year, and being able to walk anywhere from home. I loved that little house. Good bye sweet memories of time spent. You will be missed and fondly thought of when talked about in tales of the old!

This season has been slow for me. Why, I'm not really sure. Perhaps the mix of holidays and our moving has sucked all the joyousness out of this time of year. I hope not but I do feel a little down in the holiday spirit department. I still have too much shopping to do, and cleaning and decorating... AHHHHH! the lights, I almost forgot about hanging the lights!! It feels as if I have a never ending ,ever expanding to do list... and it just expanded again!!