Sunday, February 28, 2010


Spring flowers!

I wanted to know how to make fabric flowers with no raw edges or close to it.
At first, I found nothing I really liked. Just felt flowers and rolled roses, but not really what I had in my mind.
Then I found Kanzashi.
The Japanese hair ornament, which is adorned in beautifully folded leaves and petals made of perfectly coordinated colored fabrics. There are rounded petals, pointed petals, delicate leaves and all hand fastened to a comb.
I found two photo tutorials:
I grabbed some extra fabirc I had sitting around, and quickly folded and stitched.
I did not iron the fabric, like I should have and just quickly folded without properly pressing and cutting. However, I still like the way they came out and Just Think how nice yours will look when you do iron, cut and fold perfectly!!
My results so far.

I chose different fabrics just to get a feel for the folding . Terry cloth, felt, a soft cotton, and a shear eyelet fabric. The green leaves are fuzzy.

My favorite is the terry cloth flower. It's blue and all the way to the right. It makes me think of a cartoon. I made one with a stem, butI don't seem to have a picture of it. Well, I used a yellow flower pictured above and added the stem that fits a pen inside and it's got a leaf.

Super springfest over here!

Have fun


Sunday, February 21, 2010

I dig a pony

Everyday at the end of our street, the sun slowly disappears over this fence.

And it's vast pink hues hang behind these trees, in this yard.

Sometimes, if you're feeling lucky,

this sweet faced, miniature pony will trot over and smile for you.

I dig a pony, especially one as cute as this .

have fun!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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