Friday, October 16, 2009

Sew Fall

SEW fall

Fall is my favorite time of year, not to hot ,not to cold, just right for loading on layers.
Of course my favorite colors are orange, brown and yellow and nature at this time just lets me have it. AHHHHH! piles of leaves in my favorite colors, the pumpkins are out and I just can't wait for the costumes to take shape!! I still haven't decided what to make this year for Jon and I. I had some free time when it down poured briefly here and made some short capes with hoods and a draw string for my wearing pleasure, both fully lined and one waterproof, just in case of another rain storm . I am now prepared! I found some fabulous vintage hats and orange gloves I can't wait to sport!

Isn't my family sweet, everyone sported a cape just for your viewing pleasure!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just a reminder

Sew Awesome!
Here we are again, now with one item in our shop, more to come of course. It took me a while to get a photo program, then a while to figure out how to use it. I did it though, and now our shop is open with one item but more to come!!
Thank you for stopping by and thank you to all those who came out to the NEO yard sale and checked us out! They really appreciated all your support.
Just a reminder you can find some of our creations on this facebook page.
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Look for us, we'd love to hear from you!
* winter

Friday, October 2, 2009

First timers

Sew unbelievable!

As I have mentioned before Vena Nelson is eighty-two years old.

After dropping a few hints that maybe she would like to bowl, I took her this afternoon. Today, for the first time ever she bowled.

She had a blast. The first game, bumper free, with a score of 31, the second round, with bumpers she beat me 79 to 87. Hearing that she had never bowled shocked me. Our bowling experience induced memories of my Gramma Jesse and Auntie Rosie.

All these feelings rushed through me, reminders of a time pasted. Times when we would spend hours with my Gramma and Auntie bowling. I may have taken all those nights and tips my Gramma and Auntie gave me for granted. I didn't want to listen yet, I tried to remember, secretly, all of the moves to win. Follow the arrows, don't twist your hand, look where you want the ball to go. Even with all those tips I still wasn't very good, and claimed everyone telling me how to bowl was the reason for it. With my snotty teen attributes and poor skill, I still truly enjoyed the quality time with my Auntie and Gramma. They, on the other hand, were excellent at bowling, traveling for tournaments and all. We, as bratty kids, often forced my Auntie to bowl left handed, she still won. Every year for family holidays we bowled. All of as a family at the bowling alley party. Such a strong tradition I hope we can still maintain through time. It will not be quite the same without Gramma, but in her honor I hope we will all remember how much fun we have had because of her. Vena reminds me, from time to time, that we will all get old someday, and need someone to be our friend who can help us achieve even the smallest of life's experiences. Luckily, she has me, just as my Gramma had my Auntie.

Check out Vena's bowling! I love the little dance she does when she hits the pins!

We had a good time and we got some free socks! At the Nu Generations alley when you rent shoes they give you a free pair of socks, how rad is that! It's also funny, since we had stopped at Ross just for some socks before hitting the alley.

Another great thing about the bowling alley, it's right next a small thrift store called My Store. Which has a great assortment of fabulous finds. Today, purses were half off and I couldn't pass this one up.

It feels like carpet, and I love that!

Well, have a nice day!

*winter and vena