Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gifts from the mail

It is sew exciting to receive things through the post .

Even more exciting getting something you can make for some lovely little lady!
This vintage wrap dress was sent to me by my lovely sister Summer,
you can see her here
And from this fabulous peach dream of a dress I added an airy lining which doubles as a reversible dress with some fancy minty lace! I wish super much that it would have been closer to my size, but I know a young lady that will look just dashing in it!!

Sew, here it is, the soon to be mailed, along with some goodies from our past, this lovely little dress.

Don't you just love it, I do! Romance and fun all tied in to one!!

I hope Miss H enjoys it. I'm sure she will!

Have fun!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday well spent

The face of 28, well my face at 28!!
This was me the morning of my 28th birthday, January 5th,
And this, this beautiful item, is our new coffee maker. Gifted to us from my boss and his family.
We love it!
Instantly makes coffee, steams, and cleans it's self. It's space age coffee technology.
After indeluging in our coffee maker, we took Vena to the movies to see Avatar.
This is her in the theatre wearing her glasses. She had a lot of fun.
She said, " they sure make movies different these days!"

Vena in her Roy Orbison styling!

We ended our Birthday extravaganza with a silly photo shoot filled with laughing, everyone wearing ear muffs and soft kisses!
Soon to come:
Gifts from the mail,
What I got and what I did with it!!
Until then remember
Birthdays are fun!!


Running after time
The new year is not so new, and the birthday has past. Time is buzzing by and my net is outstretched to catch some, yet it remains empty. Time is elusive, cunning, and down right sneaky. I'll look about the clock and see some hours I might catch to finish a project or chat but when I turn back to wisely use this time I spy, it slips away and runs right out. Elusive it remains, and time well spend it is not..... here's to catching the times that fly by!