Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Leave it
by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
ink and sharpie
have fun

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
crayon and pencil
have fun

Monday, March 29, 2010


by Winter Shaw

made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
crayon and pencil

have fun


Sunday, March 28, 2010


by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
crayon, ballpoint pen and pencil
have fun

Paper art expanded

Alright, so i have been creating collages out of all my old magazines
"Tea Time by Winter Shaw"
and the results are fun and artsy.

"Home by Winter Shaw"
With the help of technology I added a few extra green leaves here for the birds to hide their nest. I only had one piece of the lovely green leafy part. Gimp photo program helped add a few more and the lovely shade of blue in the sky.
This is my photo program collage play.
"The Three by Winter Shaw"
The ladies' faces are magazine clippings with work done to them with the paint brush and pencil tool. Some of the green hair is paper cut out but mostly it has photo program all over it for texture and coloring. I painted those flowers with the brush and bucket tool.
For my first shot at this type of design I like it.....
Now I'm curious what else I can do?

What do you think?
be creative
have fun

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Fruit of Our
by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x6 paper
glue stick and magazine pieces
have fun

Friday, March 26, 2010


Out to Dry
by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
glue stick and magazine pieces
have fun

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Breath it In
by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
glue stick and magazine pieces
have fun

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Mushrooms and Grass
by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
glue stick and magazine pieces
have fun

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Image of Flight
by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 X 6 paper
glue stick and magazine pieces
have fun

Monday, March 22, 2010


Power of the Flower
by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
glue stick and magazine pieces.
have fun

Sunday, March 21, 2010

day 1

Butterfly on a Stick
by Winter Shaw
on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
glue stick and magazine pieces

have fun

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Next week,
the week of collages
all handmade by me
the week after
week of cartoons
here's a preview
by Winter Shaw
made on Le Maxi 6 x 6 paper
have fun

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Jon, Vena and Winter

Have fun


Monday, March 15, 2010

some things I'm playing with

I'm trying to come up with some new ideas,
I am also being a slacker this week so here is the start to my future projects

gotta love em...
My plan, scan all the ones I have already...
turn them into something fabulous!!
What? I'm not sure yet .
any ideas, I'd love to hear them
oh yes and wear green today!
have fun

Friday, March 12, 2010

Use it


Yes , I know, use it wisely

.... or ....

how about immaturely and fun filled

I found this fabulously cool hour glass at the Goodwill for $3.99.

I can't even contain how awesome I think it is... glass and green!

And of course,
I had only one thing left to do with this time keeper
be utterly ridiculous,
of course!

use it.


week of Gramma

The week is winding down, and I don't count the weekend, because well, it's the week-END!
but I wanted to leave you with a few more memories and then that's all folks!
This week is hard for me and every time I open up this blog emotions pour out of my eyes, some people may call this crying, but you know big girls don't cry, right?

This is my Gramma and she always knew just what I liked.

When I lived in the dorms at San Jose State she knew just what to send: beef jerky and Mentos, my favorite things.

Notice her pants match perfectly with her shirt!
Here she plays ping pong with my dad. You know, I bet she won!

This is Christmas, and typical Gramma when you throw a flash in her face she'll send you that "get that camera outta my face look!"

This chair, this house, and those arms are where we lived. Not technically, but most of our free time when we were younger was spent right here in this very living room. Auntie and Gramma always had us spend the night. We even had pajamas and Auntie got bunk beds; the three level kind, so we could always have room for all of us and Scooter, Awe the good ole days! I remember hair brushing, Candyland, Disneyland, PACE and all the samples, bowling, sitting quietly on the couch for hours next to gramma, shopping, thrift stores, the swap meet, beef jerky, eating potato chips in those tiny bags, Shasta soda and Kern's... oohhhhhh and the candy drawer!!!
It's Gramma's and even today, you should remember to ask first!!

miss you
have fun


Thursday, March 11, 2010

week of gramma

Now I know this photo looks like it is just of me as a child ,but it's not.
If you look closely to the hands I'm watching you'll see they are Grammas. I can always tell by her golden rings and slightly wrinkled, sun kissed skin.
Gramma's glasses and her smile

love you
Scooter and Gramma.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The places that draw me in! week of gramma

Why do I love thrift stores, yard sales and swap meets?

I think it has a lot to do with my grandma,

Jessie Mae Shaw.

Every week when I was younger my fabulously dressed Gramma, would take me shopping. Now, living in Huntington Beach, California you'd conjure up visions of strip malls or multilevel malls with parking structures and pretzel stands and supremely expensive name brand items from Coach or Gucci or Burberry. True, we had all those stores within our reach to roam about without the obligation to purchase, but definitely the option to if we so desired. For us however, they were of no interest. Our favorite retailer, Savers! The best thrift store ever. This store was the size of a large super K-mart. Filled with colored tagged items. Each day a new tag color was on sale for half off, and every day they had the lowest thrift store prices ever and the best untapped source for vintage everything. Please remember that ten years ago, not many people thought it cool to be shopping at a second hand store. As for me, I have always preferred it. However, now a days with the on sot of vintage cool,, and the fashion flash back to retro sheek has rendered my untapped sources over tapped. It has become a fight for the hidden treasures. Even with all the newish compitition, I still enjoy the hunt. Taught fabulous tricks of rack hunting by my Gramma and sale watching, I tend to always get a great deal and often find things hidden in sneaky spots that others wouldn't think to look for something amazing. Sew, in general I like to thank my Gramma Jessie.
Thank you, for teaching me the value of my money and that you can look great wearing anything as long as you're confident with yourself. Your personal style is what makes it , not the brand or the amount of money spent on your items.
It's you, that makes it work.
Ok kids be safe!
have fun,
and hug your grandma.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The things we save- week of Gramma

The passing of my Gramma was and still is a very emotional event in my life. I say my and I really shouldn't. She was our Gramma; mine, my entire family and everyone who ever met her. We all love her and all of her influence on our lives. She is quite amazing when you think about it; and all of the people I think of when I say our Gramma, wouldn't be who they currently are without her. That amazes me, the effect of one person's life upon another. Especially, the unintentional influence that lands on each person you interact with.

I am a collector of many things.

Memories are the most prized of my collection.

The Gramma Collection

a sparse selection of memories

devoted to Jessie Mae Shaw

she worked at the library, she wore matching, styled clothing, usually purple, she got her hair done, had beautiful nails, she played the organ, read the newspaper, played bingo and bowled very well, she smoked long skinny cigarettes, and had a spark that kept you intrigued and let know that she didn't take any whining, she was thin and confident, and drove just like me, a little fast and sometime inpatient, she hunted for bargains, and played the lotto and scratchers, excelled at playing video games, and is one of my favorite Candyland players. She was also a saver of the important things in life, memories.

My grandma has left us, we now must do for ourselves things she would have done. It is a natural process, I assume we should have some sort of protocol for human emotional behavior for things such as death, and if we do, my manual is missing that section. Since I'm sure the human emotional manual is out of print or not compiled as of yet, I'll have to figure it out on my own.

Some people take there memories of that person and hide them away in a box,

some share them with close friends.

Some people never speak their loved ones names again to avoid the pain of memories.

Some embrace them with shrines or memorials.

Some celebrate once a year at a persons birth;

others twice the birth and death.

As for my choice among the many, everyday I have her picture on my wall framed in a stylish gold metal lace frame, and I say hi to her as if she right there. I tell her things I want to do and things that remind me of her. Anytime I see a butterfly, I tell her I love her. Often, if I'm lost, I follow it and feel like she is there showing me something.
I hold the few items I have that were once my Gramma's in high esteem.
I was the lucky one, I drove down to see my Gramma when my Auntie called me and told me she felt Gramma wasn't going to be here much longer.
I called my boss and said "I won't be there, sorry. This is much more important"
The drive down I talked to my Gramma in my heart and said .
"Just hold on Gramma, I'll be there, I promise."

You know, she did wait.
She waited for me to get there to hold her hand.
I told her I love her, that everything would be alright and that she could go if she wanted.
And then she did.
Surrounded by her children and grandchildren, all holding her and letting her know she is always loved. This was the most emotional I have ever seen my family. Naturally a group of ornery, sarcastic, joker; it was surreal to see them serious and saddened. No laughs, only tears and dramatic hugs. I'm glad we were there. I'm glad we are a great family that cares enough to keep our elders in a loving environment, even though it's hard work and rough on your mind and soul. I'm glad my Gramma's children are so strong in personal ethics and family ties.
Thank you for being amazingly family-oriented, sentimental and loving.
You are the tail to my kite, thanks for helping me fly!

I recall when I was small, sitting next to her on the couch. We were eating teddy grahams and I wrote her a note on a piece of paper, in pencil.

While looking through Gramma's items with my Auntie,

we found a dingy plastic pouch.

Inside this vintage plastic pouch, a piece of paper
addressed "for Grandma," was found, crisp and almost new.

It opened like a card to reveal my large handwriting from childhood.

"to: grandm

you are the bast gram in the wholebox but

if you want to toke to me do not clim out

plese I will tale you y ok if you clim

out of the box if I'm eating the gaims

I might axadenly eat you so If I was you

I would not clim out well is that ok.

NO Yes

O the 1 you want

LOVe winter!"

We couldn't believe that inside the bottom most drawer of Gramma's dresser was my note from years earlier. Safe and secure in Gramma's collection of trinkets, jewels and tiny memories of children and grandchildren. I felt utter and complete love through out myself at the site of my tiny gift saved for years.



have fun.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Always week of gramma

Memories fill my mind,

my very being.

Memories of

places seen, things done, and people met.

Some memories will be with me always.

I love and miss you




Thursday, March 4, 2010


My recent accomplishment ...

purse making!!

Fully lined in stylish cotton, with a faux leather exterior.(up cycled of course) A matching hair comb and tissue holder, what more could a girl need?

This kanzashi hair comb,

hand sewn and attached to a comb for beautiful hair accessorizing!

Do you love it?

I do.

Next up, the same purse only with upcylced leather in various colors...


until next time,

have fun


Monday, March 1, 2010

Sew Etsy

Sew progress

I have posted some new items on and in doing so have come to realize that with the layout I have created with my logo, Etsy will never be able to place my item on the front page.

I was informed by the Esty blog that lured me in with fancy photos of things I liked, that they do not use logo or watermarked photos on the front page.

I guess that means I should change it up a bit.

My new project!

Also, a new style of photoshoot is in order.

Good thing I have a mass collection of clothing to practice with!!

Wish me luck and please send any ideas you might have or themes you'd like to see poytrayed through clothing and photos and art. Thanks for reading!

have fun