Saturday, June 26, 2010

NEO is neato

the NEO sale

was today, but you know that, you were there.
For those of you that missed the dress up party, rad must have items, and the music;
here my friends, is a small peek at what went down!!

See these lovely ladies. Don't you just love their attire. I do, but then who wouldn't love SEWthriftycollection!
I was able to clothe every lady I met today, multiple times. There was an actual photo shoot going down all over the parking lot. I was amazed at how much fun this group of girls was to watch dig through my clothing. The outfits, the hats, the photos. Awesome!
 And that my friends was just the start.

This man wandering the premises joined in the hat festivities.

 There was an intense game of four square. 

Also, a formal attire four square game off!
They rolled out the red carpet for the mini music fest. 

Unfortunately, I didn't know the name of the first band, but they rocked.

Next up,
wait for it......this band's luck with instruments almost ended the show.
Broken  guitar knob thing, broken strings, no extras, what's a band to do.
Combine your strings, with strings that are on Winter's newly purchased at NEO sale. Mako exotec  guitar, thus saving the musical day and letting the
radness ensue!!!
 This Is radiation,

and my new guitar.

They rocked out,
And the ladies loved it!

All in all the NEO sale was amazing fun thanks to the ladies who set it up and the bands that rocked us out.
Thank you for supporting NEO.
For those of you that want more information on the what, how, why, and when for NEO,
the organization and it's events
 go to 

Have fun.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'll be here, you should be too!
Have fun

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cactus flower

About 4 years ago, down the street from our old cottage, there was a lady. This lady had the most fabulous Victorian house ever. She also had a yard sale. At this yard sale she  harbored a metal tricycle plant holder. Upon which sat a dry 5 inch cactus and small friends.
I purchased this lovely tricycle plant holder and the woman said, "Oh let me throw out these dead plants for you". I protested "NOOOO! they're not dead, I want those too!!" She laughed.
I carried the tricycle plant holder containing said "dead" cactus down the street to my cottage. I planted my new friends into my cactus wagon and there they have thrived.
Each day , week, month, and year that goes by adds another spiny layer to my friend.
About  a year and a half ago, we moved to Yuba City to be with Vena, Jon's grandmother. I ,of course, brought along all my plant friends, including my cactus wagon.
Last week, my sturdy friend, who has grown to be twenty inches tall, produced a fuzzy bump, which then turned in to a sleek bud, and then exploded into this magnificent bloom of a flower about ten inches in diameter.
This lasted one entire day. I was lucky to catch it's beauty, since I rarely awake as early as I did this day.

I am astonished by it's mass and tender, soft looks springing forth from such a spiky, gruff base. Deep inside two pincher bugs had made their nest.

I love plants and I am often amazed at their ability to survive. I always save and reuse all my potting soil. We also have a compost pile. Sometimes a plant, thought to be dead for years, has spontaneously started to grow. Like it was just on lunch for a year or so.
Amazing, that's nature.

have fun

Friday, June 18, 2010

fascinating fascinator fashion shoot

I had a bucket of with old clips and barrettes I never wore, due to their lack of flair.
I had a few feathers and birds I had purchased, with out a reason, pretty much because the sign said SALE and well I like sales. I found a glue gun and sticks I bought about a year ago at the dollar store.
Put all these random items together, with my imagination and what do you get?

Fancy Fascinator Fun

Photography: Winter Shaw
Hair flair : Winter Shaw
Model : Plastina Styro
have fun

Saturday, June 12, 2010

old and new Art

Yes, I scanned my face and moved it around, just like all good employees should do while on the clock . Someone needs to quality check these things, right?

And, some painting I did recently.

This one is from my newest bookmark series: Reading is sexy
a collection of watercolor and ink drawings featuring fabulous, sexy women, reading.
Soon to post the remainder of the bookmark series.

"seeing is believing" is my print I created in high school when I took printmaking. Circa 1999.

Have fun

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding helper and Play suit fun

Everyone knows I have too much of everything. Sometimes this is awesome, many times, it causes anxiety. I already have a lot of clothing and pillows and quilts and everything.
It's really hampering my shopping sprees and sewing ideas.
 It's no fun to make or buy more of things you already have and don't use or need or wear.
Don't worry, I've already solved this dilemma.
I have some fabulous friends that are getting married.
Both girls are on a tight budget. And both need somethings to make their day fabulous.
 And I my friends am excellent at creating things out of nothing. I feel reinvented now, excited and even happy that I now have a new purpose for my collection of fabric.
So thanks for letting me help you with your special day's attire.
It should be great practice for my own fabulous day yet to come.( when we stop procrastinating)
I'll show you more later on that.

In the mean time,
while I'm working out the kinks of these lovely ladies patterns, check out my lastest design .
The Sunny day play suit.

 It was fun to make and a nice way to lounge in the back yard and still feel covered.
 Have fun

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Furry babies

This is our furry child.

 Roach Thorious
the notorious C A T
He loves buggy rides, soft scratches, and feathers.

Have fun.