Monday, May 31, 2010

Lookville anyone?

 Hey, remember the Art bazaar? 
of course you do.
While I was there I handed out cards with my blog  and e-mail on them.
You know,  just in case anyone needed to contact me.
Well, guess what? Someone felt the  need!
A mystery Miss Miranda B. dropped me a line and asked me to join an "invitation only beta test site" all about fashion ideas and suggestions.
Basically, you load an outfit you have a question about and the forum responds.
 I Quickly loaded up three outfits I just happen to already have pictures of. Just to check it out.
Of course, the outfits I have already photographed are classic silliness of my own styling.  I just wanted to get a reaction at first; so I could see what this place is all about. And ya know, I think I'm gonna like it.
Some people can be harsh, but hey that's life right.  Every one has there own ideas of what fashion is and how it should look.
I myself have always been unique.
My style is not for everyone. I enjoy vintage, cute, girly, semi-functional clothing in odd colors and textures. I have a flair all of my own . I love all things old and odd. I try to never wear things that are really short or show my shoulders. I love menswear, blazers, ties and scarves. Broaches are a weakness especially when shaped as an animal or flower. Paisley and very detailed prints, basically I love clothing. The more the better. 
 I'm unsure of other peoples reactions to my fashion choices but who really cares anyway, it's all for fun. I'm going to wear what I want either way. It's just sorta neat to hear what other people, who aren't your friends or family, think of your fashion sense.

Oh, by the way! 

I am also allotted 5 invites so I'll be scouting out some well dressed friends and strangers. 
 so check it out .
if you'd like to try and want an invite?
send me an e-mail and let me know.

have fun

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Art bazaar day two

Whoo hoo!!
Thanks you all for visiting us and admiring our hard work of Handy craft. We all had fun, laughs, and made some new friends.  Also, thanks to Susan Tiffany for planning everything and inviting me to join in the bazaar.Check out the website to find out about upcoming events and help support the local artists and art culture in general.

I know I should have taken some pictures of all our fabulous artisan, but I forgot. I was to busy chatting it up with the lovely ladies of
Sydni and Gabi, the sweetest gals with the sweetest cakes ever, and beautiful. The cakes ... well, the ladies too!
          Check out Sydni on the banner and behind the counter.

I also met  Corline of Her set up is amazingly cute! I adore her aprons with extra ruffles and flowers galore, in all styles conveniently converted into clips. It doesn't stop there!

Valeri, of This Child of Mine, has created a line of children's clothing that makes me wish I was a teeny tiny person. You can check out her tutus and flower covered beanies, which resembled a vintage swim cap, of which I also bought two of, on .
Valeri is the GUEST ARTIST on Corline's site.

This gaggle of ladies is awesome,  but not complete without

Kathryn Henley from her elegant style is soft and sweet. I love the flower rings she has. Too bad she sold out of those. Don't worry , she said she'd make more.

And a shout out to my new favorite photographer, customer and newest friend Amber,
"What up girl! Love your purse"
Amber is a talented, young, aspiring photographer. She's got "the eye" and she doesn't even know it. Her portraits are amazing. I can't wait to see how her talent grows in the future.

Chatting took up most of my time of course, but I did manage to chat with some customers too.
I had a small flock of kids admire my items and of course my prices are on sliding scale, when it comes to kids. I can tell when someone is truly enamoured with  my creations, such as the young man who has given Gordon a new loving home. I  love Gordon, he is a very special fish and now he has a very nice home, I can tell. This young man was awesome and polite!! The woman who bought the pink elephant, you rock. As she left she had Pinky shake trunks with my hand, and let him wave goodbye as she prop him up on her shoulder and took him out the door. Of course I'll miss Elli too, the gray elephant with circus eyes, Calico dog, my fav tiny giraffes, my newest bat wing men........ but I'm, sure they're loved!!

It makes me smile to see someone truly happy with something I made!
Oh and  if you're just checking out this blog from my cards, thank you for taking an interest and please keep checking back  or follow me. I'll keep you posted of my creativity and activities.

I love the fabulous items I bought.

have fun.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Art Bazaar day one

Day One.
People really liked my creatures and creations.
Many have now been adopted and have loving homes!
 I even got some requests!!
And made some very nice friends,
whom I'll see tomorrow at
Art bazaar
day two.

have fun

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's all most here!

The nerves  filling my spine are electric with energy.
I hope you remembered that the YSRAC Spring Art Bazaar is this weekend.
624 and 630 E Street
Marysville, CA 95993

I'll be there.
For this show I figured I try to have a little of everything, and keep it inexpensive.
This being a holiday weekend and most people have priorities for their money like beer and hot dogs.
I tried out a few new things like oil painting, which was smelly but fun.
Some quick mixed media sketches and collages.
A box of signed  film  photos of randomness.
Sewn animals, monsters, shopping bags, purses, and fabric collages.
And a few signed prints, perhaps.

I don't know,
we shall see,
but of course
I'll see you there

have fun.

Monday, May 24, 2010

What do you think?

I made  a new logo head line decal.
I used a photo I took and played with it in GIMP 2.
 so here are my tags/ cards/ logo.
What are you thoughts?
Have fun

Art Bazaar

See me and various other artists
 Memorial Day Weekend 
at the
Yuba-Sutter Regional Arts Council
Spring Art Bazaar
May 29-30
the last Saturday and Sunday in May. 
From 10AM to 4PM.
624 & 630 E Street
Marysville, Ca 95901
(530) 742-ARTS (2787)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

lazy daisy

I feel lazy.

have fun.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

hat hat hats

Here are some hats.
These photos are of me, taken by me, wearing clothing styled by me.I am using my Casio Exilim camera with no flash in front of a bright window.

They have been edited using windows photo gallery.
Have fun

Friday, May 21, 2010


This is Sasha.  Sasha writes a fashion blog.

 She also runs an absolutely fabulous Boho etsy shop for your shopping delight.
Click here for fancy vintage finds that will steal your heart.

 When you click over to her fun-tastic blog you'll notice that yes, that's me pictured there. She was kind enough to stop by the other day while out on here shopping adventures. We had previously spoke of trading some clothing items. I have reached a point in my collection of vintage that it exceeds the maximum volume of my house. I decided that I would start to down size and Sasha was an excellent help at this. When she arrived, I feel, she was in shock at the pure volume of clothing. I had set aside an entire closet rack filled with about thirty five things, I tossed over four large square boxes and two keyboard boxes fill to capacity with vintage and leather and miscellaneous clothing items. There was so much Sasha was pulling tank tops outta her ears!
These are some of the fabulous items Sasha loaded up with. Maybe you'll see some on her blog or  in the shop.

 I had a lot of fun,
got a lot of things organized and
received some fabulous fashion items of my own from Astral Boutique that you will see featured here next week.
I can't wait to wear my beautiful floral secretary dress and flapper printed stunning dress!!
OHH, I'm so grateful she was able to help me out !!!
Thank you again for stopping by!!

Have fun!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Snap shots

have fun

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Watermark or not to mark? this is my question.

Should I watermark my photos?
I have had some of my photos downloaded and printed by people for personal cards and what not, and this got me to thinking that I might want to watermark or sign my photos so people know that I made these and not whomever has printed it out to use. What are your thoughts on this?
have fun 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Back yard fun

The man, playing with the dogs.
 Their favorite toy is a stick or flat soccor ball.
Stogi is excellent at running super fast with her long legs. Sadie on the other hand will run for a while but eventually she'll want you to carry her or run for her.
Most everyday we play in the yard together.

have fun

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vena rides a bike for the first time in 82 years

Vena Nelson had never been on a bicycle before.

 She, thanks to the kindness of the neighborhood kids, rode one.
 Now she has been on one  " and I didn't fall off!"

Thanks kids!
have fun.