Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vena plays her music too

Vena had this guitar hidden in her room.
She said she has always wanted to learn how to play it.
I dug it out, dusted it and Jon tuned it.
 It's been sitting next to her chair now for a month.

Today, when no one was looking she started to play it.

have fun.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Man of the house.

The man,


is caring and sweet.

A beloved  and cherished creature who's journey I will follow.
 Happy day of birth to

The man of  our house.

Jon "the man" Grant, I love you then, now, forever and all the space and time between. Always, Winter "the woman" Shaw

Sounds of The Man.

Jon's Myspacemusic
Peanuts and Tangerines' Myspacemusic

Have fun

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's almost here..

 Go to......

this Thursday, September 23 at
923 Lincoln Way in Auburn California.

It's Ramona Lou's grand opening!


as this month's  featured artist.

Stop by have a glass of opening ceremony wine or cider and shop to your heart's delight.

Chat with fellow shoppers and met 'n' greet with Miss Sommer Naffz.
Enjoy the fabulous fashions and deals

have fun.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scarf snake

Vena has said that she would like to learn to crochet. One day, while rearranging my craft area, I stumbled across some yarn balls, with which we created this extra long, single stitch scarf; handmade by Vena and I. I am absolutely in love with how cool it is due to it being the first crocheted scarf Vena has made and it's awesome color.

She has returned to embroidery.
She said she forgot how to do it  when I left for work and would prefer to just stick with what she knows best. I also, find it hard to do and prefer to draw, sew or photograph things instead.

A photo peek of my newly reorganized room.

have fun.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who? ....................

ramona lou

It's brand new.

And waiting for you

in Auburn, Ca on Lincoln Way.

A unique fashion boutique
great fitting jeans, vintage treasures, accessories for every outfit and original artwork.

Check out the current featured artist,

Winter Shaw

some Sewthriftycollection product placement ; )

Swing by for great deals and fabulous fashions.

ramona lou

Brought to you by Sommer Naffz.

I thought you knew?

have fun.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sommer and Music by us

WOW! times flies when you're having fun and getting things done.
Remember the Renegade  Craft Fair .
From this fabulous experience I met Sommer Naffz. She is an amazing young entrepreneur awaiting the grand opening of
Ramona Lou .
Her unique fashion boutique in Auburn, Ca on Lincoln Way.
It's planned to rock your shopping world starting September twenty-third, just in time for fall. 
I know you all have been waiting for fall and layers of fashionable sweaters, scarves, gloves, skirts with slips, tights, socks and boots.
Awe, I truly do love fall and clothes.
Well, stop by Ramona Lou and stock up.

Now to set the mood,
For entertainment purposes I present the musical stylings of

a unique experimental noise-ish band.
Experience the live musical musing of Jon Grant  and Winter Shaw.

You can also check out Jon Grant , a la carte
All these songs are original arrangements created and played by Jon.

On to art.
I, as can be seen from my photography on this very blog, really enjoy to take photos of bugs and smaller macro type items. I am currently in lust with the canon macro lens but not enough to spend all the money, so I opted for the more economical version, macro filters.

I am glad I got the filters. The artistic value is very cool. I enjoy the different view and depth,
 however, I am realizing that I like the standard lens best. I have a wide angle and a telephoto with a doubler, which is awesome!
 I should practice more with these tools and learn them before I discount them as not my favorite. I have had so much more time with the standard lens, I guess it's hard to change it up. I will though and currently have been taking only wide angle shots this week. I'm hoping to compare the versatility of the lens to find all the key differences for my style of photography. I'll keep you posted on my findings, likes, and not so muchs that I come across in my experimental play.

Enjoy the shopping, music, art and new fall weather.

have fun.

Friday, September 3, 2010

July Fourth

I know this is late in posting.
The fourth of July is family time for us. We always visit my hometown of Huntington Beach, Ca.
Many of my family members still live there, and it makes for a fun family reunion each time I'm there.
 We usually hop on our bikes and cruise the town, just like when I was a kid. With
my dad and sister by my side,  we would ride our bikes each morning to Main St. to watch the parade. We always wished for a three person tandem, so I guess that's a tridem bicycle. We never got one, however I can definitely maneuver my bike with some skill through monster bike traffic and I always lock up my bike. Some lessons learned from my life experience.
I strive to keep up my fourth of July tradition strong and visit each year, hitting all my favorite spots Las Barcus, TK Burger, Sugar Shack, Two Brothers, Dog Beach, and my family's house of course.
Here's a glimpse into the lives of The Shaw Family on fourth of July.

Fourth of July 2009,
my family testing out the new electric skate board, the skate dad made and the scooter dad made.

Those crazy kids.

Fireworks on the beach,
July fourth 2010

have fun.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our back yard.

Small creatures are all around us,
 living in the same world as you and I.
Though our perspectives create different views of this world. We share it just the same.
Open up to the world and share your beauty.

have fun.