Friday, October 16, 2009

Sew Fall

SEW fall

Fall is my favorite time of year, not to hot ,not to cold, just right for loading on layers.
Of course my favorite colors are orange, brown and yellow and nature at this time just lets me have it. AHHHHH! piles of leaves in my favorite colors, the pumpkins are out and I just can't wait for the costumes to take shape!! I still haven't decided what to make this year for Jon and I. I had some free time when it down poured briefly here and made some short capes with hoods and a draw string for my wearing pleasure, both fully lined and one waterproof, just in case of another rain storm . I am now prepared! I found some fabulous vintage hats and orange gloves I can't wait to sport!

Isn't my family sweet, everyone sported a cape just for your viewing pleasure!


  1. Hey winnie looks great
    but how did you get Jon and Stoggy to stand for the pictures
    It looks like Jon is a sleep and Stoggy looking for food it doesn't matter how you did it.
    looks great
    can't wait to see your costumes
    say hi to all
    love ya

  2. will you please make me a plaid cape? i would like to match you. you can put it on etsy and i will buy it and everything!

  3. oh if I were as stylish as you! I love the plaids so cute.


Tell me about it and Have fun. *winter