Sunday, October 17, 2010

this is play

 Working on my display.

 Remember this blank face?

Cover her in tiny pieces of newspaper drenched in a watery glue;

 Find a stand or stick and base;
 add hooks to the bottom of the head by attaching wood to the neck;

 and look what you get.
 A fun and fancy everything display.
 This fancy sign was part of an old holiday greeting, this fenced base was a discounted Halloween decor, which is awesome for ring display I feel.
 Check out my new tag attachment, a tiny brad!

Have fun . 


Bonus track:

Beige alone is too plain.
 How about a little gold?
 Drippy hot glue gun covered in metal flake.

Have fun. 



  1. What is metal flake? is it like the foil? Connor would love this technique for his pirate projects I think, he's been dyign to use the glue gun, since it is called a gun.. perhaps I should have been calling it hot glue dispersal unit?
    Do you apply the flake while the glue is hot? I need more steps.

  2. Ok, it is the foil. I use the loose kind in the bag not the sheets=bad. Let glue dry. apply flake adhesive, add flake all over let sit. brush off excess with clean dry brush. let dry add more adhesive add more flake brush and spray with flake sealer. I got it at Micheal's it was $10 bucks for each part glue, flake, sealer. Glue dispersal unit from $1 store.


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