Monday, November 1, 2010

still halloweenie

Our Hallo weenie decor

 Vena as a fierce leopard. Jon as Bowser from Mario brothers.
 I found these plastic bag pumpkins in the garage, and Vena stuffed them today as her spooky project,

 I found this dress for ninety-nine cents and made the ears out of a scrap of fabric and snappy little barrettes.
Jon is also wearing barrettes! I made his costume out of felt and found a scrap of leather-ish material for his spiky bracelets.

 I love this spider bucket. It may just live here all year round.
 In case you were in need of a costume, our entry way had some extras. Jon was going to be this ass while at work, but thought Bowser was way cooler.

The candy guardian.

 Jon acting up his costume with his victim, Sadie Hawkins.

 I was just a little evil this year.I sported my handmade wings necklace with my chain and feather tail. 
I also made red drippy wax heels. The horns,unfortunately I did not make. I found them at Hot Topic.

 A closer view of my handiwork, here my tail end and waxy heel.

Hope you enjoy your weekend of ghouls and spirits.
oo OOOOOoooooooooo

Have fun. 

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  1. It look like you all had a great time
    We always did have a good time on Halloween
    Love ya all
    Have fun like winter say


Tell me about it and Have fun. *winter