Saturday, April 2, 2011

to stop more often.

Many things I want to capture in art or to photograph are seen as I'm aimlessly driving. Less often lost, more of being out and about with lack of a proper destination. I see things I find attractive and want to pull over, jump out of the car, camera in hand and  capture this point of interest. Usually, I do not. Sadly, out of fear, I stay in my car sometime shooting through the windshield. Often just skipping this desired moment. 
But no longer.
I have the urge and power to pull over in my automobile and stop,  get out and take pictures.
And it doesn't matter what that other driver flying past me, staring at me, thinks of my choice for a  frame. 
I pass by thousands of small, personally eye catching rectangles everyday, possibly hour. 
Most of them go uncaptured by anything but my mind's eye.
With  intentions of finding and stopping
I was off.

Rounded the corner for gas.

 Filled up next to this friendly smile.
Drove a little too far in the wrong direction.
Then to the "Lot"
I drive past this beauty on my work commute.
A nearly empty lot with lush green grass and this amazing front yard gate.

My car stops for yards sales! And often immediately makes u-turns at  garage sale signs.
Today's stop yielded a "free" yard sale. Where everything was free but the tools.
Best sale ever.

Turning down random streets in search of something new,
I saw a small Museum sign, and followed it to the
 Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County

 What a lovely little place with history and a cute gift boutique.

With the awesome randomness found, I will surely follow through on my intentions of finding and stopping.

Have fun.


  1. Okay, girl, I need to get in a car with you. You find the best things. And many of the best things are found while getting a little lost, isn't it true? MAN, that gate standing all alone is BEGGING me for a photo shoot. Is is accessible? I think we need to plan a time to go there together during the Golden Hour and do some shots......!!!! (photos, not liquor, ha ha)

  2. You should drive along with me one day. Matter of fact I sent you a little note with an idea...!

  3. that gate is super super GREAT.


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