Thursday, May 12, 2011

Have fun.


  1. I am diggin' the umbrella picture. I may have to print that on a shirt.

  2. This effect is so super awesome! I agree, it would look great on a shirt.... wowsa!!!!! (-: and thanks for the nice words on my blog, lady. gee i wish we could hang out more and have some photo adventures together! I know it will happen soon... i am just always running in ten directions at once (some of that is within my control, some is not). ha ha! anyways, i am off to the herbal symposium this weekend to play and HAVE FUN, as you suggest.... and hopefully sell some clothes to pay for it! enjoy the return of the sun and keep taking these amaaazing photos..... (-: Sasha

  3. Why thank you folks.
    Randy - we will have to get together on this T-shirt Idea and work out the details. I've never really let anyone use my art for anything..Yet...?
    Sasha- I know you will have an amazing time and one year,perhaps I will be able to join you on your magical journey and document this yearly gathering of amazing women.


Tell me about it and Have fun. *winter