Saturday, January 14, 2012

oh by the way...

yep I'm thirty...... 
I thought some magical thing would occur, the  sky would open up and a giant token would appear marked 30 in gold, with stars and glitter as if I had achieved a mile stone or goal in a Mario Bros. Where's the castle, that nifty flag, Gold coin? So far I don't feel any change, except the urge to figure out who else is thirty, look into their life and  see what the mark of thirty is for them, and maybe that's what mine is too.  Otherwise I 'm basically the same, I do have slightly more obligations to be responsible in my life and I can mark off some goals I wanted to conquer. All in all, I'm thirty and that is okay by me.
Have fun.

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  1. um are you wearing a snuggie in this photo?
    I also can't believe you're thirty, I perpetually think of you as significantly younger than me, but my life at thirty is not that different from my life at 32, Marriage, Mortgage, and four kids.. except that I just found a gray hair. Seriously?! So perhaps you could come out and visit, as I will be needing to select a new hair color soon.


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