Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween is fun!

Happy Halloween from all of us!

Vena said she had not decorated her house in about five years... so I suggested we should probably decorate, in the typical fashion. Pumpkins sweetly carved by myself and one by Jon. and a few cob webs to boot! We didn't have many trick-or treaters but we have plenty of candy to eat now!!

We, on our regular walk trough the mall, stopped in the arcade. Vena said she had never been in there, and I love skee ball so I figured she would too! She liked bowling and you know it's almost the same thing only smaller.
I think she liked it. she was surprized by the tickets and we got some plastic fishes, which are rad!
Keep having fun,

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  1. More fun! I also love skee ball, but I think the only place around here that has it is Chuck E Cheese, and I LOATHE going in there. Miss you!


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