Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving feast!

Sew Much Food!

This year was my first to cook a Thanksgiving dinner all on my own. I made the turkey and all the fixings.

Our Turkey: stuffed with stove top stuffing. I mixed in apples and raisins for moisture and fruity flavor. The turkey is rubbed with virgin olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and honey. Our fabulous veggies, zucchini, carrots, onions, artichoke hearts and apples, were cooked right there with the turkey in a butter, Chardonnay mixture. After it was all cooked I lightly salted and peppered the veggies.

Our spread was divine! Candied yams: a mixture of canned yams, banana, and raisins topped with sprinkle of brown sugar, dab of butter and covered in a marshmallow crust! My favorite. Red potatoes, mashed with garlic powder , butter and splash of milk. Our veggies from the oven and our apple, raisin stuffing. Some biscuts and a balsamic vinager and virgin olive oil romain and tomato salad and of course the family favorite pork n beans! We ate so much we all quickly fell into a food coma as we played our favorite game Dominos. Coffee and pie pushed us over the edge and we had to stop our game in the middle because Vena was so full she had to go to sleep. All in all we had a great night and have some fabulous left overs for the rest of the weekend!!

Happy turkey day and remember the kindness of the Native Americans and that we all suck because we killed them off !
Have fun!

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  1. ooh this all looks delicious. good work on the turkey! i have yet to cook my first, but i did make a roast this year!


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