Monday, March 1, 2010

Sew Etsy

Sew progress

I have posted some new items on and in doing so have come to realize that with the layout I have created with my logo, Etsy will never be able to place my item on the front page.

I was informed by the Esty blog that lured me in with fancy photos of things I liked, that they do not use logo or watermarked photos on the front page.

I guess that means I should change it up a bit.

My new project!

Also, a new style of photoshoot is in order.

Good thing I have a mass collection of clothing to practice with!!

Wish me luck and please send any ideas you might have or themes you'd like to see poytrayed through clothing and photos and art. Thanks for reading!

have fun


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  1. I had wondered about that, because the logo takes up so much space in the thumbnail view. I'm glad someone shared that info!! Have you gotten very many hits yet? I have also noticed when I shop on there that they pull items that fit the them.. probably they are getting ready to pull easter stuff..


Tell me about it and Have fun. *winter