Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paper art expanded

Alright, so i have been creating collages out of all my old magazines
"Tea Time by Winter Shaw"
and the results are fun and artsy.

"Home by Winter Shaw"
With the help of technology I added a few extra green leaves here for the birds to hide their nest. I only had one piece of the lovely green leafy part. Gimp photo program helped add a few more and the lovely shade of blue in the sky.
This is my photo program collage play.
"The Three by Winter Shaw"
The ladies' faces are magazine clippings with work done to them with the paint brush and pencil tool. Some of the green hair is paper cut out but mostly it has photo program all over it for texture and coloring. I painted those flowers with the brush and bucket tool.
For my first shot at this type of design I like it.....
Now I'm curious what else I can do?

What do you think?
be creative
have fun


  1. Hey I love the birdy one, are you selling these? I think it might go great in Hannah's room. Also.. mailed you something, yesterday..

  2. I never really thought about selling them, I just made them,but I can send one in a frame to you I have some cooler things on the way you might want to wait, it includes collage and fabric!!

  3. I LOVE these. Put them on an Etsy shop immediately.


Tell me about it and Have fun. *winter