Monday, April 26, 2010

another world

Often times as I'm drifting from daily task to hobby I get lost in thought and distracted by tiny things. I lose all sense of time and responsibility and just dream of maybes, what ifs, and how come. This mind twists it self into tangles of confused emotional vines longing for more time and motivation. The motivation to climb to the top and look down. Only I'm not to fond of heights and the view from down here is very lovely with the sun glare , silhouettes, and shadows where I shade myself.
I'm enjoying my stance and here I shall dwell.
have fun


  1. your pics are amazing. I've been loving the poetry week.

  2. Thank you, I was worried they might not be so great, i've never let anyone see or hear any of my art before.

  3. Hi I didn't know you had all this inside of you
    Glad your letting us see the other side of you
    Love ya


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