Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From the mail!

I love getting mail, absolutely love it.
Recently, some fabulous items were sent to me via the post.

These amazing chocolates from Europe were divine. I can't even explain how absolutely delicious I find dark chocolate. I'm not a fan of milk or any other type of chocolate, but dark chocolate puts my soul at ease. It slowly covers every taste bud and wraps my heart in sweet chocolate escape.
Thank you so very much for your kindness and fabulous taste in decadent flavors of chocolate. And a delightfully beautiful European scarf that shares it's shade with chocolate dreams. (The only chocolate item that still remains)
Thank you so much Karen.
Just in time for Easter I received this fancy hand-made apron from my fabulous niece, Hannah.

I absolutely love it.(Way more then I love sweeping)
I am always a fan of Ric-a-rack, hanging doodle balls, and bows.
It's so clever too! fully adjustable to any size or height with the ribbon.

Thank you very much Hannah,( and Summer)
love and
miss you
have fun

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  1. Thank you for putting pictures up about the apron. It looks great! I really did sew it all by myself. Love, Hannah.


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