Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding helper and Play suit fun

Everyone knows I have too much of everything. Sometimes this is awesome, many times, it causes anxiety. I already have a lot of clothing and pillows and quilts and everything.
It's really hampering my shopping sprees and sewing ideas.
 It's no fun to make or buy more of things you already have and don't use or need or wear.
Don't worry, I've already solved this dilemma.
I have some fabulous friends that are getting married.
Both girls are on a tight budget. And both need somethings to make their day fabulous.
 And I my friends am excellent at creating things out of nothing. I feel reinvented now, excited and even happy that I now have a new purpose for my collection of fabric.
So thanks for letting me help you with your special day's attire.
It should be great practice for my own fabulous day yet to come.( when we stop procrastinating)
I'll show you more later on that.

In the mean time,
while I'm working out the kinks of these lovely ladies patterns, check out my lastest design .
The Sunny day play suit.

 It was fun to make and a nice way to lounge in the back yard and still feel covered.
 Have fun

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