Friday, June 4, 2010

Earth should hate us!

this is a rant

I'm angry. angry and sad, disheartened maybe, infuriated,and enraged. I despise the fact that our society is based on accounts and numbers, balances and money. angered that all thing s are given a monetary value. a price tag, so that you can compare it's value to another. The cost of a bottle of soap to clean something. the cost of a giant machine to manufacture. the cost of  an employee to work . the price of a ship to sail and carry. And we are always comparing these defined values to other defined values. and seeing how they measure up based on price  and volume. all the time ledgers being balanced. accounts being checked. revenue.  capitol. investment. credit and debits. all these numbers. all made up. these numbers represent  a value an amount a commodity that we then move to another account being sure to mind our credits and debits. often being creative and creating a feasible account to create the ever important balance. I understand that companies flourish only by these monetary presumptions. And often make decisions  based on which process is cheapest, even if a small amount of quality is rounded out. It's business.
The ocean, however, is not business.
it is nature.
 Nature has no check book, no lawyer to consult, no stocks to buy or sell.Nature is not a business, a man or lobbyist. Nature is where we are from, it's where we are going and it's where we are. No price, no CEO, no council, no bishop, no pope, no president, no company, No reimbursement will replace it.  Stop thinking in monetary value. The ocean is above the value that a bank can provide. stop thinking so small. your computer, your friends, your family, your country, your religion
... it's nothing......
if it has nothing to live on.
stop what your doing and think about it.
The watery lungs of earth are flooding with oil, I don't care about what money may  pass from one company's hand to another at some later date not yet known, because the problem still exists.I want the problem fixed without regard to cost and blame. I want it to stop.
I'm very sad and angry.
and after what I have seen so far with oils and bombings and total disregard for other living things human and non
The Earth should be at war with us.
I'm rooting for earth, not humans

not having so much fun.

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