Sunday, August 29, 2010

Band-o- rama

Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters,
let the music be heard.

We entered to the groove of PSYCHIC ZOO.

Check out Sasha from AstralBoutique with her SEWthriftycollection handflair.

I was stoked to catch the tail end of PSYCHIC ZOO and see Sasha in action.
 After her set
she greeted me with a fancy Bunny Henge tee shirt,
even though I missed the event, isn't she the raddest!

As I was pulling on my new shirt,
Sensual Saint took to organizing themselves for the show.

Then, the Rock ' Roll faces were set loose.
You may not think this is the face of a rocking out drummer from his serene expression,
but it is!
Bad assness pours from these young men's souls, in the form of sweat and rock.
This kid was moved by the richness of noise, his mouth wide with rockin' rage!
I love the absolute hilarity of rocks faces.

Sound check, check, checkidy,check!

The butt blockade.
  gave way to reveal........
This Is Radiation,

They took to radiating our socks off.
Then of course,

Beni broken a string,

 thus ending our enjoyment momentarily.

...borrow a guitar....
.Rock out!!!
Once again, I was thoroughly rocked to the core.
That's rock 'n ' roll kids.
have fun.

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  1. awesome photography story of the night! it was a lot of fun im glad you came out!!!


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