Sunday, August 29, 2010

Craft fair

Thank you!!!!!!
 so much for shopping at The Renegade Craft Fair
 for  supporting

This event was awesome fun.
 The music was amazing, the art was eye popping, and the vintage was to die for.
My shop,
I always try to encourage people to dive in and find
their own treasure.
This young man was super cute and
absolutely loved this yellow hat
my creatures.

His mother is from the Scarlet Gypsy.

Her set up was rad. A latter transformed into a display, smart! 
She shared her booth with  Ursula Xanthe Young, an artist with amazing talent you can check her out at

 These three, originally were setting up  next to the ceramic booth, and thought kids? ceramics?
not the best mix.
 So, they got to be my neighbor.
Lucky for both of us!
 I got hours of entertainment from her son's hat attraction, and he made it known that it was alright for  people to dig in and find what they loved.
He, in return, was happy and occupied the entire day,
which for kids and me
was long,
but very fun !!

This "fun!!" is attributed in part by the Amazing musical styling
performed for us throughout the day and evening.
I can now listen to the
 lovely Kacey Johansing's,
current album Many Seasons when ever I want.
Here she wears a SEWthriftycolletion item!!
I am now currently in in awe of
Huff This,
who played and gave out Cd's
 as we were packing up to go home.
Intense live music.
I was absolutely moved by the whole presence of them, everyone seemed to love it.
Of course, the camera was already in the car by this time.
   It was an excellent close to a rad event.

I wish I would have had more time to show off all the other vendors and musicians,
but you know
 I'm supposed to be doing business !

People enjoyed my Flutterbye earrings and creatures the most, I think.
One fashionable young lady will be sportin' my zip front tee shirt with some serious style.
Here's thanks  to you for shopping!!

The evening was long, but it didn't end there.

After the craft fair Jon and I ventured over to Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters,
where the music infusion continued.
 tune in next blog to find out who rocked our socks!
have fun.


  1. this looks like it was a ton of fun, although sometimes when I think of you doing craft shows I giggle, because I think you hated it as a kid even more than Sunshine and I. I'm guessing the musician was jon? am I right?
    miss you!!

  2. I alway loved going with mom to the shows, i got to miss school and eat beef jerky, and got to spend $15 dollars everytime i helped..the best times ever!! The music was provided by A banjo player i forgot thename of witha cute dog,Kacey Johansing and Huff This, jon was at work but came to help me pack up.good times.

  3. oh, i get it.... the after music.. it's in the blog now... ;)


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