Friday, September 3, 2010

July Fourth

I know this is late in posting.
The fourth of July is family time for us. We always visit my hometown of Huntington Beach, Ca.
Many of my family members still live there, and it makes for a fun family reunion each time I'm there.
 We usually hop on our bikes and cruise the town, just like when I was a kid. With
my dad and sister by my side,  we would ride our bikes each morning to Main St. to watch the parade. We always wished for a three person tandem, so I guess that's a tridem bicycle. We never got one, however I can definitely maneuver my bike with some skill through monster bike traffic and I always lock up my bike. Some lessons learned from my life experience.
I strive to keep up my fourth of July tradition strong and visit each year, hitting all my favorite spots Las Barcus, TK Burger, Sugar Shack, Two Brothers, Dog Beach, and my family's house of course.
Here's a glimpse into the lives of The Shaw Family on fourth of July.

Fourth of July 2009,
my family testing out the new electric skate board, the skate dad made and the scooter dad made.

Those crazy kids.

Fireworks on the beach,
July fourth 2010

have fun.

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