Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sommer and Music by us

WOW! times flies when you're having fun and getting things done.
Remember the Renegade  Craft Fair .
From this fabulous experience I met Sommer Naffz. She is an amazing young entrepreneur awaiting the grand opening of
Ramona Lou .
Her unique fashion boutique in Auburn, Ca on Lincoln Way.
It's planned to rock your shopping world starting September twenty-third, just in time for fall. 
I know you all have been waiting for fall and layers of fashionable sweaters, scarves, gloves, skirts with slips, tights, socks and boots.
Awe, I truly do love fall and clothes.
Well, stop by Ramona Lou and stock up.

Now to set the mood,
For entertainment purposes I present the musical stylings of

a unique experimental noise-ish band.
Experience the live musical musing of Jon Grant  and Winter Shaw.

You can also check out Jon Grant , a la carte
All these songs are original arrangements created and played by Jon.

On to art.
I, as can be seen from my photography on this very blog, really enjoy to take photos of bugs and smaller macro type items. I am currently in lust with the canon macro lens but not enough to spend all the money, so I opted for the more economical version, macro filters.

I am glad I got the filters. The artistic value is very cool. I enjoy the different view and depth,
 however, I am realizing that I like the standard lens best. I have a wide angle and a telephoto with a doubler, which is awesome!
 I should practice more with these tools and learn them before I discount them as not my favorite. I have had so much more time with the standard lens, I guess it's hard to change it up. I will though and currently have been taking only wide angle shots this week. I'm hoping to compare the versatility of the lens to find all the key differences for my style of photography. I'll keep you posted on my findings, likes, and not so muchs that I come across in my experimental play.

Enjoy the shopping, music, art and new fall weather.

have fun.


Tell me about it and Have fun. *winter