Saturday, February 12, 2011

The sun is peaking out these days, flooding the the grassy spaces of the yard with golden milky rays of warm and vibrant energy. A blanket, laid gently across the dry sticks and fallen pecans, serves as a communal resting place for animals and humans alike. Even the winged are nestled upon it.
The spring flowers are reaching upward. Small tufts of luscious green peak out from the gruff, brown earth. Translucent creatures spasmodically cross paths nearly colliding with one another in the air; alluding to a naturalistic dance performed throughout the ages. Leaves bustle and branches sway at the will of the wind, their movement creating illuminated openings in the shaded recesses of the lawn.It is warm and bright; everything is stretching, yawning and awakened from it's dormancy.

Have fun.

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