Monday, September 28, 2009

Sew much more

Sew much stuff

Yes, we claim we are busy, slow and lazy but in all honesty I have plenty of time and expertise it seems to unload all this fabulous Vintage into the world of etsy. However, each time it comes to the point where I have to let it go, I don't want to. I truly need, want, and must keep it all for myself. Even items not in my size I feel attached to. How one becomes so engrossed by an object I'm not quite sure. I am definitely engrossed and overflowing with random clothing. Today, in preparation for my shop I went through pile upon pile, bag after bag, and hanger upon hanger of items. I tried to set a side things I knew I wanted to keep from those that I knew someone else would love. After a while the "keep" and "someone else" pile merged together into one pile of "things I want to keep, I don't care how much stuff I have" . The result: a room of items I told myself I was going to keep. Some people collect teacups, I collect clothing.

The phone rang just in time to save me from myself. It's Jessamy . We compared our compulsions and planned an intervention, and photo shoot. In hopes of immediate dispersal of these fantastic clothing items. Now just so you know we have planned many times to vent our vintage back into the world, failing every time to separate our selves from these beauties, but this time we have a plan. Okay so "plan" was probably the wrong word choice, how about "preliminary plan" or "brainstorm". That's more my style anyway do all the prep work then procrastinate, but I'm making progress, and that's a start. After talking with my friend Jessamy about our compulsive shopping and hording of vintage, we declared we will really truly separate ourselves from all these fabulous thing we have been collecting.


  1. oh my god. you could be on that tlc show about the horders. you crazy ass mo fo. i still love you though. :) tee hee!

  2. I second Taylor's comment. Wouldn't it be easier to just move into a thrift store? I just keep thinking that even at $1.00 an item, you could probably take all my kids to Disney with just what is in that room, and maybe even get them t-shirts. Why not just buy some clothing racks, and have an every other weekend indoor vintage garage sale...

  3. also people display teacups in neat little curios and cabinets, i don't think I've ever seen a collection "organized" in quite this way...

  4. Great idea Summer! I bet you could even make enough to buy a ticket for your long lost TAY to join you at Disneyland. Just a thought.

  5. ps, hey Summer! How are you? What's new since you drove me around when I was a freshman?


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