Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some fabulous fun

Some good finds
Here are a few things I found while digging through my items!

I also found these....

The rest will have to wait.There were more important things to do. Such as being outside with Jon, my love, who wondered why I would be trying to get rid of anything and suggested I keep it all he wouldn't mind. Gotta love that man, who thinks that my having twelve jackets, almost identical, is alright.

So in celebration, we jumped for joy for the new chilled out weather which allows for jacket, sweaters and boots. Hurray! Its the season of joyful dressing.

Jon was happy it was not 100 degrees and could morph back into his non sweaty, beanie wearing self.

As for my Jumping, I jumped for jackets, which I have twenty or so.

And for leather gloves that I have collected to go with my scarves ,which I adore!

My Jumping looks kinda like flying or levitation. and for Nugget, our chicken whom, we love . Chickens don't have arms, and that's makes them funny to watch. Can you even imagine how you'd do anything. Smash you nose into some things and pick them up see how it works for you.



  1. First of all, I love the green coat. Second, you look so cute with your chicken. And third, I read the rest of the posts, and that made me all nostalgic, and I miss you a lot now... it made me miss the thrift stores, and your creativity. I think you made me better than I was before I knew you, and I hope to see you sometime next year... either here or there!

  2. This are so cute, and yes the clothes are adorable! We went to the fair yesterday, which was fun, and looked at the chickens, even Rachel was going Boc Boc.. so now I am thinking of getting a few for the backyard..
    Love the jumping!!


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