Thursday, January 17, 2013


Remember when I didn't feel any change...well,
     Change happened all right. It came, went,  came back, came back again; then stormed out saying, "sorry!" as It reeked havoc on this place called home. I learned that the only place you can call home is oneself, the  skin you're in and the mind you keep or lose. Whichever the case may be. You should put all your eggs in one basket if other baskets are subject to the control of someone else. The saying "all is fair in love and in war" is truer then not, in this day and age. Starting over only works if you're doing something different.  Most years a few things change but the general fundamentals of my life have been consistent. Until the events, those of which started a course of spiraling ups and downs, which eventually led back and forward, then round and about to this road I am now on. Which leads in a direction, of which I have no knowledge or expectation of its lay or build, but I am here upon it, traveling.
Have fun.

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