Sunday, May 30, 2010

Art bazaar day two

Whoo hoo!!
Thanks you all for visiting us and admiring our hard work of Handy craft. We all had fun, laughs, and made some new friends.  Also, thanks to Susan Tiffany for planning everything and inviting me to join in the bazaar.Check out the website to find out about upcoming events and help support the local artists and art culture in general.

I know I should have taken some pictures of all our fabulous artisan, but I forgot. I was to busy chatting it up with the lovely ladies of
Sydni and Gabi, the sweetest gals with the sweetest cakes ever, and beautiful. The cakes ... well, the ladies too!
          Check out Sydni on the banner and behind the counter.

I also met  Corline of Her set up is amazingly cute! I adore her aprons with extra ruffles and flowers galore, in all styles conveniently converted into clips. It doesn't stop there!

Valeri, of This Child of Mine, has created a line of children's clothing that makes me wish I was a teeny tiny person. You can check out her tutus and flower covered beanies, which resembled a vintage swim cap, of which I also bought two of, on .
Valeri is the GUEST ARTIST on Corline's site.

This gaggle of ladies is awesome,  but not complete without

Kathryn Henley from her elegant style is soft and sweet. I love the flower rings she has. Too bad she sold out of those. Don't worry , she said she'd make more.

And a shout out to my new favorite photographer, customer and newest friend Amber,
"What up girl! Love your purse"
Amber is a talented, young, aspiring photographer. She's got "the eye" and she doesn't even know it. Her portraits are amazing. I can't wait to see how her talent grows in the future.

Chatting took up most of my time of course, but I did manage to chat with some customers too.
I had a small flock of kids admire my items and of course my prices are on sliding scale, when it comes to kids. I can tell when someone is truly enamoured with  my creations, such as the young man who has given Gordon a new loving home. I  love Gordon, he is a very special fish and now he has a very nice home, I can tell. This young man was awesome and polite!! The woman who bought the pink elephant, you rock. As she left she had Pinky shake trunks with my hand, and let him wave goodbye as she prop him up on her shoulder and took him out the door. Of course I'll miss Elli too, the gray elephant with circus eyes, Calico dog, my fav tiny giraffes, my newest bat wing men........ but I'm, sure they're loved!!

It makes me smile to see someone truly happy with something I made!
Oh and  if you're just checking out this blog from my cards, thank you for taking an interest and please keep checking back  or follow me. I'll keep you posted of my creativity and activities.

I love the fabulous items I bought.

have fun.


  1. Winter - thank you so much for commenting on Over The Top Aprons .... you have a great writing style! Great delight meeting you .... Kathy,Val,Myself,and a girl - Ginger - (young like you ) get together to talk about our businesses .... probably won't get together again until early fall ... but I would definitely like to invite you to join us if you have the time. I will keep you informed.

  2. yes! I'd love too join you ladies anyday, just let me know.

  3. Winter, You have the cutest blog!!! Can't wait to see you again, syd.

  4. Hi, thanks for doing a "spread" on the show. Your blog. is awesome. Hope to see you soon Val


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