Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our garden

My favorite place to draw, photograph, paint and read is our garden.So much inspiration fills this place.
I find fresh blossoms everyday lightly dusted with dewy drops.
I love it when the sunlight hangs from the tree branches as if a shear fabric curtain of light  is falling upon your eyes and illuminates each blossom's thin petals with brilliance.
go outside
have fun


  1. The color shot is awesome!! Are you using a setting on the camera for b and w or is that post production? Have you tried using RAW yet?

  2. These are all hand focused, straight shots, no editing.I cropped the upclose side view rose to a square.
    For the color I set it to the A-dep on the dial and hand focused for the drops.
    I am using the monochrome (P on dial) picture style or parameter On the B&W. Lately,I always use the RAW but i have noticed that it makes my photo file very large and often uploads from the camera with two files, which I don't really need. If i was going to enlarge them I think it would turn out best with RAW, but in reality I don't think I have a true use for the largeness of the files currently. I don't even print anything right now. What do you think? should I keep using the RAW, just in case? I like the monochrome setting and hand focus, unless I have too much coffee then, I switch to auto focus, but can't really do any up close shots because auto doesn't focus at the spot that I'm looking for as well close as I'd like it to.

  3. The shots are beautiful. I wish you were closer so we could play together. Although, I don't usually get to play. Miss you.


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