Monday, May 24, 2010

What do you think?

I made  a new logo head line decal.
I used a photo I took and played with it in GIMP 2.
 so here are my tags/ cards/ logo.
What are you thoughts?
Have fun


  1. I like it, but it took me a second to figure out it was a spool of thread. Can you lighten it just a tiny bit? I thought it was a bucket at first.

  2. I agree with Taylor. I love the new image but it needs a little brightening. Will you print it black ink on white card or change it up a bit?

  3. if I lighten it or darken it it either turns all black or all white, so this is the best I have for now! but i will work on one that is lighter!so It has more detail! thx


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