Monday, May 31, 2010

Lookville anyone?

 Hey, remember the Art bazaar? 
of course you do.
While I was there I handed out cards with my blog  and e-mail on them.
You know,  just in case anyone needed to contact me.
Well, guess what? Someone felt the  need!
A mystery Miss Miranda B. dropped me a line and asked me to join an "invitation only beta test site" all about fashion ideas and suggestions.
Basically, you load an outfit you have a question about and the forum responds.
 I Quickly loaded up three outfits I just happen to already have pictures of. Just to check it out.
Of course, the outfits I have already photographed are classic silliness of my own styling.  I just wanted to get a reaction at first; so I could see what this place is all about. And ya know, I think I'm gonna like it.
Some people can be harsh, but hey that's life right.  Every one has there own ideas of what fashion is and how it should look.
I myself have always been unique.
My style is not for everyone. I enjoy vintage, cute, girly, semi-functional clothing in odd colors and textures. I have a flair all of my own . I love all things old and odd. I try to never wear things that are really short or show my shoulders. I love menswear, blazers, ties and scarves. Broaches are a weakness especially when shaped as an animal or flower. Paisley and very detailed prints, basically I love clothing. The more the better. 
 I'm unsure of other peoples reactions to my fashion choices but who really cares anyway, it's all for fun. I'm going to wear what I want either way. It's just sorta neat to hear what other people, who aren't your friends or family, think of your fashion sense.

Oh, by the way! 

I am also allotted 5 invites so I'll be scouting out some well dressed friends and strangers. 
 so check it out .
if you'd like to try and want an invite?
send me an e-mail and let me know.

have fun

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  1. hey this post did not show up in my reader. I'm bummed I missed it! I'm checking it out now!!


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