Friday, May 21, 2010


This is Sasha.  Sasha writes a fashion blog.

 She also runs an absolutely fabulous Boho etsy shop for your shopping delight.
Click here for fancy vintage finds that will steal your heart.

 When you click over to her fun-tastic blog you'll notice that yes, that's me pictured there. She was kind enough to stop by the other day while out on here shopping adventures. We had previously spoke of trading some clothing items. I have reached a point in my collection of vintage that it exceeds the maximum volume of my house. I decided that I would start to down size and Sasha was an excellent help at this. When she arrived, I feel, she was in shock at the pure volume of clothing. I had set aside an entire closet rack filled with about thirty five things, I tossed over four large square boxes and two keyboard boxes fill to capacity with vintage and leather and miscellaneous clothing items. There was so much Sasha was pulling tank tops outta her ears!
These are some of the fabulous items Sasha loaded up with. Maybe you'll see some on her blog or  in the shop.

 I had a lot of fun,
got a lot of things organized and
received some fabulous fashion items of my own from Astral Boutique that you will see featured here next week.
I can't wait to wear my beautiful floral secretary dress and flapper printed stunning dress!!
OHH, I'm so grateful she was able to help me out !!!
Thank you again for stopping by!!

Have fun!

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  1. I can't even believe you found a virtual twin!! Also your hair is SO CUTE!!


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