Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Watermark or not to mark? this is my question.

Should I watermark my photos?
I have had some of my photos downloaded and printed by people for personal cards and what not, and this got me to thinking that I might want to watermark or sign my photos so people know that I made these and not whomever has printed it out to use. What are your thoughts on this?
have fun 


  1. I would at least sign your photos, but watermarking is a good idea too, because you really should get credit for your pictures if people want to use them!

  2. I think you could sign them if you want just kinda small in the corner or something. Are the people using them people you know, or just randoms? I think that would make a difference to me.

  3. Well i was going to sign them and make that my water mark, but i have a zillion photos and it takes time to put that on each one so for now, I'll just leave it.


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